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Mouth wrinkles, also known as nasolabial folds or laughter lines, are a natural occurrence that occurs over time in many people. It is no secret that many people strive to get rid of these wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance. In the search for effective solutions, the Dulexir Hyaluron Serum has garnered much attention and achieved positive results. People worldwide have reported on the benefits of this serum and how it has helped reduce their mouth wrinkles.


Where is Dulexir Hyaluron the most affordable?
You can purchase the Dulexir Hyaluron Serum both in pharmacies and directly on the website of the German manufacturer. In the search for the best price, it was found that the Dulexir Hyaluron Serum is always the most affordable when purchased directly from the manufacturer on their website. Therefore, we recommend buying directly from the manufacturer to take advantage of exclusive offers and an attractive price advantage. You can easily order the serum through the manufacturer’s official website: www.dulexir.com.

The Dulexir Night Cure is a high-quality serum. This serum is specifically designed to be applied after facial cleansing and ensures that your skin looks more even. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, the night cure has the same effect as an injection and can be used as a natural alternative. Anti-aging products are often available, but none of these products contain the Dulex acid complex or phyto-aging.

What is a price comparison?

In a price comparison, the price of a product is compared among multiple providers. After the comparison, the cheapest provider is presented. In addition, we will report to you whether the Dulexir price is justified or whether it fails in terms of effectiveness and quality.

The Effectiveness of Dulexir Night Serum

In a two-step process, the Dulexir Night Cure works on your face. In the first step, the skin is freed from any skin barriers, so that in step two the actual process of action can begin. With the help of the Dulex acid complex and the phytoaging, skin regeneration is stimulated. The ingredients penetrate the skin and start the process. The hyaluronic acid ensures that wrinkles are plumped up and the skin is moisturized enough.

Dulexir – Who is it suitable for?

The skin starts to age earlier than expected, but it may not be noticeable externally. Visible signs may start to appear from the age of 25. If you want to counteract this problem, you can start using Dulexir Night Treatment from your early twenties.

How to apply Dulexir?

Before going to bed and after cleansing your face, apply the Dulexir Night Serum to your face. Let the serum sit on your face for about 10-15 minutes. If you feel a slight tingling on your skin or if your skin becomes slightly red afterwards, the serum is already working. Do not wash your face until the next morning. The manufacturer recommends applying a day cream with sun protection to prevent facial aging.


The most important ingredients are:

◉ Phytoaging & Mandelic Acid
Boosts the regeneration process based on a plant-based and natural formula.

◉ Hyaluronic Acid
Provides the skin with moisture and plumps up wrinkles.

Dulexir Preisvergleich

All Ingredients:

Aqua, Mandelic Acid, Pentylen Glycol, Panthenol (ProVitamin B5), Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate), Lactic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, Sodium Phytate.

Where can Dulexir be purchased?

Product details

Formulation: Serum

Content: 50ml

Brand: Dulexir

Manufacturer: Abiotec Pharma GmbG

PZN: 16819038

To start our Dulexir price comparison, we researched where you can purchase the Dulexir night cure. You can buy the night cure in all local pharmacies and online. The manufacturer also offers the Dulexir night cure on their website. If you click on the following button, you will be directed to the manufacturer’s website:

The Dulexir Price Comparison

The regular price for Dulexir Night Cure is 129.90€. We have conducted a Dulexir price comparison with various retailers for you:

◉ Aponeo: 110.35€
◉ Meine onlineapo: 99.85€
◉ Pharmeo: 103.95€
◉ www.dulexir.com: 69.90€

To determine if the price for Dulexir is justified, we need to conduct a Dulexir Night Cure test. We will pay close attention to the effectiveness and application of the night cure.

The duration of the test process

After week 2:
The first signs were noticeable after the second week. The test subject’s skin looked very fresh and was sufficiently moisturized.

After week 8:
The first significant changes were visible after the eighth week. The face looked much more even as the depth of wrinkles had decreased.

The application

A moment of relaxation. Applying the Dulexir Night Treatment is reported by the test subject to be very relaxing. Taking a quiet moment in the evening to do something for one’s own body can work wonders. The Dulexir Night Treatment is easy to apply and has a light scent of almonds.

The final phase of the testing process

According to the Dulexir price comparison, you can obtain the Night Treatment at the most affordable price directly from the manufacturer. You can also place a telephone order for Dulexir with the manufacturer. The customer service team is also available to assist you with any further questions.

Furthermore, after testing, we can only give a positive assessment of the Night Treatment. The test subject was able to see significant differences in their face. The application is very easy and the ingredients are of natural origin.

Our Dulexir test result

Based on the Dulexir price comparison, we recommend that you order the Night Treatment directly from the manufacturer. We give the product a rating of 5/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. The quality of the Dulexir Night Treatment has convinced us.

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Further test reports and experiences

Several Dulexir reports can be found in the Apotheken Wochenblatt and Focus magazine. Stiftung Warentest has not yet reported on the Dulexir Night Treatment. Numerous positive customer experiences can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Below are some of the customer reviews we have summarized for you:

Good product. It does bring results if used regularly. Would order again.


I have already ordered it for the second time. I am very satisfied.

Anke R.

Great product. My skin has become much smoother. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Hannelore K.

Are there any other alternatives?

We could not find any alternatives that are similar. While there are many anti-aging products available at drugstores, pharmacies, or Douglas, these products do not contain the Dulex acid complex, nor do they work like Phytoaging based on a plant-based formula.

Frequently asked questions

Below is an overview of frequently asked questions:

Has the effectiveness of Dulexir been confirmed?

Yes, the effectiveness of the Dulexir Night Treatment has been confirmed by the Skin Test Institute. You can access the study results on the manufacturer’s website.

Is Dulexir vegan?

Yes, Dulexir is vegan and cruelty-free.

Is Dulexir produced in Germany?

Yes, Dulexir is produced in Germany.

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